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What Should You Look For in a High Quality Electric Razor?

Posted on November 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Anyone who goes shopping for an electric shaver soon has to confront the literally hundreds of models available. With prices ranging anywhere from twenty bucks to two hundred or more, how can you really identify the differences between them? Here are the main things anyone who wants to get a good electric shaver should look for.


The most important thing that most men want in a good electric shaver is closeness. That refers to how effectively the razor itself removes the hair off of your face. This has two major pluses, in that firstly it gives you a cleaner look and it helps that clean appearance last longer throughout the day. Generally, higher end razors are able to get you a closer shave because they have features that are specifically designed to remove hair as close to the skin as possible.


Most busy men are pressed for time, and that goes double for the morning routine. So being able to cut down on the amount of time shaving can help greatly. So in choosing an electric razor, you want one that has the highest number of rotations per minute as possible. That means that it will just have greater effectiveness in cutting off the hair, which will make it easier to get your shaving done in a quick and effective manner.


The first electric razors were horribly uncomfortable things, and managed to tug away as many hairs as they cleared off. The good news is that the technology has improved greatly in the last fifty years, and even men with sensitive skin can get a clean shave without irritating their skin. If irritation is particularly a concern, you can minimize those concerns by choosing a high quality rotary razor that can shave wet and using proper shaving technique.

Simple to Clean

Your electric razor will be able to operate at its peak performance level so long as it is cleaned out regularly and thoroughly. This is sometimes an easier task for some shavers than others. The really high quality electric razors fortunately come typically with docking stations that makes this process a whole lot simpler. After shaving, all you have to do is insert it into the docking station and it will proceed to clean it out with a cleaning fluid automatically. While these work great, you have to remember to buy more cleaning fluid on a somewhat regular basis in order for it work properly.