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Brief Overview of a Wet Dry Razor

Posted on October 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

Shaving is a requirement if you live in the civilized world and while it only takes a few minutes sometimes you don’t have the time. Our everyday lives are quite busy and complicated to say the least. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to wait an additional 10 minutes to dry off completely and then shave.

Fortunately the wet dry shaver was created for people in this situation and can save you time whilst allowing you to keep up with your personal grooming. The general idea behind a wet dry shaver is a shaver that you can use both while you’re completely dry or if you’re still covered in water. Old fashioned models don’t work well if your skin is wet and can cause damage plus irritation to the area your trimming.

Wet dry shavers are designed with special blades to work with either wet or dry skin so you can use them in the shower if needed or you can simply shave like normal. This also allows them to make the perfect on the go shavers for those of us that do a lot of traveling between job sites. How much use you get out of a razor such as this is entirely dependent on how much you need to shave however.

Regardless of if you’re a man or woman you want to keep your facial hair and other body hair trimmed at times. If a person has to shave their legs it’s going to take quite a bit of time for obvious reasons. Having the ability to do it in the tub or the shower simply saves time and can help you stay on schedule. The need for this type of shaver has been evident for many decades but over the past 30 years the technology has become more user friendly.

You wouldn’t think that their can be anything complicated about a metal blade but the truth of the matter is modern razors are far more advanced than their older counterparts. A simple metal blade is essentially a giant chunk of sharpened metal designed for cutting. This works well if you’re making a weapon for hurting someone but you want something less aggressive to use on your body.

Thus research and development was done by most of the major brands and different types of razor blades were made. By mixing different metals, substances, and compounds companies were able to make blades that could cut hair without cutting the skin very easily. A great deal of time and effort was also put into the angle and design of the blade as well.

The results of this research are the blades that we use now. Most of them won’t cut your skin unless you’re not being careful and modern wet dry shavers are designed with safety as well as comfort in mind. Shaving with a blade that’s not comfortable can lead to rashes, damaged skin, and other blemishes that aren’t wanted.

Shaving is something we all must do at some time or another and having the proper razor can help immensely. A wet dry shaver allows you to shave while showering, bathing, or standing in front of a mirror. They are great for people that are on the go constantly and are very affordable. Just remember that any razor can cut you if you’re not careful.