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What Should You Look For in a High Quality Electric Razor?

Posted on November 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Anyone who goes shopping for an electric shaver soon has to confront the literally hundreds of models available. With prices ranging anywhere from twenty bucks to two hundred or more, how can you really identify the differences between them? Here are the main things anyone who wants to get a good electric shaver should look for.


The most important thing that most men want in a good electric shaver is closeness. That refers to how effectively the razor itself removes the hair off of your face. This has two major pluses, in that firstly it gives you a cleaner look and it helps that clean appearance last longer throughout the day. Generally, higher end razors are able to get you a closer shave because they have features that are specifically designed to remove hair as close to the skin as possible.


Most busy men are pressed for time, and that goes double for the morning routine. So being able to cut down on the amount of time shaving can help greatly. So in choosing an electric razor, you want one that has the highest number of rotations per minute as possible. That means that it will just have greater effectiveness in cutting off the hair, which will make it easier to get your shaving done in a quick and effective manner.


The first electric razors were horribly uncomfortable things, and managed to tug away as many hairs as they cleared off. The good news is that the technology has improved greatly in the last fifty years, and even men with sensitive skin can get a clean shave without irritating their skin. If irritation is particularly a concern, you can minimize those concerns by choosing a high quality rotary razor that can shave wet and using proper shaving technique.

Simple to Clean

Your electric razor will be able to operate at its peak performance level so long as it is cleaned out regularly and thoroughly. This is sometimes an easier task for some shavers than others. The really high quality electric razors fortunately come typically with docking stations that makes this process a whole lot simpler. After shaving, all you have to do is insert it into the docking station and it will proceed to clean it out with a cleaning fluid automatically. While these work great, you have to remember to buy more cleaning fluid on a somewhat regular basis in order for it work properly.

Razor Kick Scooters Are Real Fun

Posted on October 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

Initially designed for the kids, the Razor kick scooters quickly migrated to a device made for people of all ages and started giving them real fun for their money. In fact it turned out to be a handy mode of short distance transportation for many people. While kids ride them around the neighborhood, big kids ride them in the college campus, and even bigger; in the cities.

Practical yet Not Boring

It is not necessary that practical means of transportation should always be boring. Razor kick scooters ensure transportation through fun. Looking good, they ride well and are built to last. Not only the household riders but many professionals also use the scooters across the globe. Only difference is that for home users it is fun only and for professionals it is business with fun.

Easy for Kids

Since much technique is not required, learning to ride these scooters is easy for the kids. In fact they take type of long walks to their schools at much faster rates. Small and lightweight, these scooters are easy to flip and fold up. And the brake is such that stopping at any point becomes pretty easier. All these attributes make the scooter a perfect ride for the kids of any age riding in the neighborhood or going to schools.

It is Fun for the Grown up as Well

It does not mean that the Razor Kick Scooters are meant for kids alone. They are extremely suitable for the grown up people as well. College students find riding the scooter fun since it is not only fast but also highly portable and storable being folding type. For places that suffer from lack of parking space, this is a great alternative for the elders who find it easier to ride on the scooter to reach their destination instead of driving and looking frantically for parking spaces. Even one need not bother about traffic jams. Just flick and go is the keyword.

A Healthy Alternative

Kids going out in the open air find this a healthy alternative to the usual habit of remaining glued to the TV or computer screens. While the scooters give healthy alternative to the children and adults alike to such habits, they are also pollution free since they run on battery and not gas.

Using the kick scooter provided by Razor is not only fun but also healthy and eco-friendly as it provides alternative to harmful habits getting people out in the fresh air, and does not emit harmful greenhouse gasses either.


Business Success Strategies — Get Beyond The Lies to Recovery

Posted on October 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

As a recovering workaholic/perfectionist, not to mention having delusions-of-superhero syndrome, I’m first to tell you the road to recovery isn’t easy. It’s fraught with obstacles and U-turns just waiting to send you right back to where you started.

But I’m also here to tell you that it DOES get easier. And the rewards of staying on the path are well worth it.

So, what are some steps you can take to get yourself on the road to recovery? Here are 3 to get you started.

1. Value your time off. Because if you don’t value it, it won’t happen.

It’s kind of like exercise. We all know we should exercise regularly, but what sets apart the people who actually DO it versus talk about it? It’s their mindset.

People who don’t exercise regularly say things like “I really should start” or “Tomorrow I’ll start my exercise program.” People who do exercise regularly don’t talk about it, they’re out there doing it.

I used to not exercise regularly. I used to spend my time talking about how I should start exercising rather then actually getting off the couch and working up a sweat. But for the last 18 months or so, I’ve been exercising between 5 and 7 days a week, every week (except when I’m traveling, but I get myself back into my routine as quickly as possible).

What changed? My attitude.

I decided this was something I needed to do for myself. Once I started valuing it, then I started doing it.

So if you find yourself saying “Yeah, I really should take a weekend off” or “One of these days I need to take a vacation” then I can tell you right now it’s not going to happen. Because it’s not something you value.

2. Treat yourself well — You deserve it. Ladies, you’re going to know what I’m talking about, I’m not sure about my gentleman readers. For years, I used to buy the cheapest disposable razors to shave my legs. And for years I used to constantly nick my legs with those razors. My legs would start stinging in the shower, and then I would have to dredge up a Kleenex to sop up the blood before I got it all over the floor or on my towel.

Needless to say, shaving was one of my least favorite activities.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I got a razor in the mail. One of those name brand ones. The company sent it to me as promotional stunt.

So I decided to try it. And what a difference. No cuts, no nicks, no stinging and (best yet) no blood.

Now you’re probably wondering where on earth I’m going with this. I’ll tell you.

The reason why I bought those cheap razors was because I didn’t think it mattered. Even though I hated them, hated shaving, hurt myself constantly, I told myself the cheap cost of the razors was worth it. Why pay that extra few bucks for a name brand razor? I could suffer through a few cuts and burns. It wasn’t a big deal.

But really what I was telling myself (and the universe) was that I wasn’t worth an extra couple bucks for a name brand razor. I wasn’t worth an extra couple of bucks to not hurt myself.

So how do you think the universe responded? Simple — I wasn’t attracting the kind of money I wanted because I wasn’t worth it. And what I WAS attracting was more sickness, exhaustion, burnout, stress, etc. Because it was “okay” for me to suffer.

In the last couple of years, I have completely changed my attitude about how I treat myself. But (and this is an important but) it’s not just about spending money on myself — it’s also about taking time for myself. The razors are just one part of it. I also get regular massages each month. Why? Because when I didn’t, I was in pain a lot. Spending hours hunched over my computer writing is murder on my back and chest.

But I also take time each day to exercise and stretch. Those don’t cost me anything except time. And again, by doing this, I feel better and look better.

So what are YOU denying yourself? I’m not talking about spending money you don’t have or putting yourself in debt or avoiding the tasks you really need to do. I’m talking about the little indulgences we tell ourselves we don’t need when, in truth, they’re exactly what we need.

Maybe you love real cream in your coffee, but you constantly buy that white powder junk because it’s cheaper. And you tell yourself it doesn’t matter.

But it does matter.

How much money are you REALLY saving by not buying real cream for your coffee? Is it enough to suffer the consequences of telling yourself and the universe you aren’t worth the real stuff?

Or maybe your indulgence is putting that coffee into a pretty cup, not a chipped mug with that ugly corporate logo on it. Or maybe it’s allowing yourself 10 minutes to sit outside and enjoy that coffee, rather then gulping it down while you get ready for work.

(And I have a secret to share. When I started treating myself better directly coincides with my income going up.)

3. Hire a coach. If, as you’re reading this, you’re seeing a little too much of yourself, and worse yet, you don’t know how to fix it, then it might be time to hire a coach.

A coach can help you shift your mindset so you DO start to value yourself and your time off. The right coach can also help you when your business starts taking off.

But above all, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you’re used to always putting yourself second, changing your perspective isn’t going to be easy. So be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to take baby steps. A few indulgences here and there. Eventually it will get easier.