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The Razor Mx350 Comes Highly Recommended

Posted on October 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Looking for that perfect gift for the little guy or girl in your life, look no further than the Razor MX350. This little motocross bike will have the little ones smiling from ear to ear. Just think of the peace of mind you will have knowing this dirt bike needs no gasoline or oil to run. Charge up the battery and let them go. With one simple charge, they can ride up to ten miles in comfort.

What is the one thing that worries parents more than anything else when it comes to their child? Speed! Speed scares more parents when it comes to motor vehicles and their kids no matter what age they are. With this convenient sized Razor motor bike. You won’t need to worry about excess speeds. The compact size motor only goes approximately 14 miles per hour. But don’t let that discourage the kids. This 14 mile an hour mini bike out runs other similar pocket dirt bikes.

This bikes comes stock with duel suspension, twelve inch knobby wheels and high riser handle bars that make this little bike as comfortable to ride as it is easy for the kids to handle. The kids can ride the Razor in the field, in the dirt or on the sidewalk.

Kids of all ages love dirt bikes. Just the thrill of riding something without peddling brings out the excitement in your child. What better way to find out if your child has the coordination, determination and dedication to jump into dirt bike riding as a hobby than to give them the experience on the Razor MX350.

These little bikes are easy to put together, safe to ride, well built for the tough rider and provides hours of fun. With the long battery life and the durability, kids are finding many ways to stay occupied with their new bike. Set up a small ramp and watch the kids do little stunts that are low enough to the ground, yet creates a fun and exciting obstacle course. You can create hours of entertainment for the kids and if you have more than one child, the price is really attractive as well considering the gas motor bikes can run a small fortune.

Just think of the fun your kids will have on that camping trip. Riding trails in the woods will be the talk of the summer. This bike is highly recommended for the kids, and the parents. It will keep the whole family happy and stress free during those lone summer vacations with activities to keep the kids busy until the BBQ is ready for dinner.

Electric Razors: Rechargeable And Corded

Posted on October 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

Electric razors can give you a lot of advantages compared to ordinary and manual razors. Whether you will be using a cordless or corded one, it can make your beard cutting easy and comfortable. Doing this task daily can be time-consuming if you are using a manual beard cutter but with electric razors it can be fast and safe. If you use blade razors sometimes you can cut the skin on your neck and if you want to clean it thoroughly you would need to spend at least 10-15 minutes. If you are in a rush, it is not advisable to use blade cutters. If you are using this product even though you are in rush you will also be safe from cuts. You can even use it even without looking at the mirror in which is very advantageous during camping or in an overnight road trip. You can choose a rechargeable electric razor if you want so that you can cut your beard anywhere you want. This is good for people who are in a business that requires traveling from one place to another.

It is important to look elegant and clean if you are in a conference with businessmen. You don’t want to be embarrassed because of your growing beard in a business presentation but you want to be nice and look clean in front of your client. Even in the middle of the day in your office you can cut your beard in the most comfortable way. Some people choose to use corded electric razors and sometimes there is no outlet in the comfort room of your office. You can’t even use it during your trips unlike rechargeable razors. Remember that your beard grows fast which is why you need to cut it at least twice a day.

It is important that when you buy electric razors you need to consider the one that will fit your lifestyle. There are razors that are useful while bathing or dry razors that you can only use after you take a bath. The razors that can be useful even when wet can be advantageous for people who are working early morning. It is also important to consider the quality and the manufacturer. Make sure that the provider has the technology to give you the comfort that you need. You also need to consider the maintenance that you need to do when you are using electric razors. Maintaining them in good condition is very important.


Three Reasons Norelco Electric Razors Are Tops

Posted on October 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

When we say Norelco electric razors pop into mind. When we say electric razors, the name Norelco pops into mind. We think of Coke when someone says cola, we think of Ford when someone says trucks, we think of Folgers when someone says coffee. Every industry has that one brand that we always associate with the product itself. With electric shavers, it’s Philips Norelco.

What is it that makes them such a popular brand, then, that they’re almost synonymous with the product they create? Well, here’s our theory on how they got there…


Norelco electric razors are made to a pretty high standard of quality. You always hear old timers reminiscing on the good ol’ days when consumer products were built to last. Sadly, they have a point there. In this fast paced global economy, it’s more cost effective to hire some by-the-blueprint freelancer to design a product and then to farm the production out to a Korean factory for cheap. Charge the same as the more high-end companies do, and you make a nice profit. Norelco handles the design of their products in house, and they always craft them to the highest standards of excellence. This is because they don’t just want to turn a profit, they want to earn loyal customers, which, in the end, is always better than a quick buck.


Norelco electric razors are always coming up with some new thing, like the Reflex Plus, with an unprecedented level of responsiveness, or the Speed XL Shaver, designed to give an incredibly quick shave by simply shaving more of your face at a time. This attitude comes from, again, Norelco’s ambition to be on top. You can carve out a niche for yourself by turning out the same products year after year, but you don’t rise to the top unless you’re trying new things before anyone else does.


Norelco shavers are an investment. You buy one, and it might last for years and years as long as you maintain it properly and keep it well stocked with fresh replacement heads. This of course goes back to craftsmanship. If you remember the Planned Obsolescence scandal of the 1980’s, a bunch of car manufacturers got into trouble for building cars to break down after a couple years so that the driver would have to buy a new one. What they neglected to consider in coming up with this clever business strategy: Why the heck would you buy your new car from the guys making cars that are guaranteed to break down after just two years? Longevity in any industry always comes down to producing a reliable product.