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Razor iMod Scooter – 3 Reasons Why Kids Think the Razor iMod is Cool

Posted on October 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

The Razor iMod scooter is another in a long line of Razor USA products that targets children of all ages. Razor has been manufacturing “mini” electric vehicles for over 10 years, and by all accounts, business is booming!Their are several factors that account for the popularity of the Razor iMod in particular. This article will explore three of those reasons.

* Kids Love The Styling

Most kids like to feel “grown up” and this Razor model definitely helps them feel that way! It has “chic”, European styling, very similar to the Vespa scooters commonly ridden all over Europe. Of course, electric scooters have been popular overseas for years, mainly because of a history of high gas prices. In any event, the iMod’s styling departs from the traditional “push scooter” look, and many kids prefer that.

Also, this Razor model is available in pink, which is called a “Sweet Pea”. Young girls in particular really like the “Sweet Pea” look!

* Kids Can Listen To Their iPods While Riding

The aspect that differentiates the Razor iMod scooter from others, is that it comes loaded with two full range speakers and a docking station which is compatible with every current version of the Apple iPod in addition to an FM radio.

Kids really enjoy “zipping” around the neighborhood, listening to their favorite tunes. It is a definite incentive to get out in the fresh air!

Some kids have even been known to form a Razor iMod Scooter club. They get together and ride while chatting and listening to music.

* Kids Think It’s Fun Yet Practical

With a powerful, yet quiet, chain driven motor, this model can “scoot” along at an impressive 15 mph! Kids have fun controlling the acceleration with a twist grip throttle.

It also is very practical, as a large storage area is located under the seat!