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Why a Razor Skateboard Is the Perfect Gift For Kids This Year

Posted on October 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

The number of skate boards on the market could make your brain spin. There’s certainly no shortage of selections; these come in every and any color possible and most of the time are decorated along with customized designs or one of a kind art work. Diverse and one-of-a-kind is stylish. Just about any teenage skate boarder will tell you having a killer board is an element of the skateboarding way of life.

The Razor collection keeps all of those ideas in mind as well as the extra boost of offering good quality with style.

The Razor Edge –

First off, Razor carries boards for newbies and advanced, knowledgeable people too. Selecting the best skate board is vital to getting the most from riding along with agility stunts. In fact, a substandard quality board may be unable to handle the beating of street skateboarding on cement and the momentum of a slick half-pipe.

Razor skateboards utilize 9-ply maple decks, which is viewed by more than a few boarders as a sturdy, although comfortable, usable platform.

Wheels are additionally an important piece of virtually any skate board, and Razor boards are offered with ABEC1 bearing wheels up to ABEC5 wheels for those sophisticated skate boarders who require durability and pure speed. In terms of wear-and-tear, the polyurethane wheels offer you good, strong grip and a respectable time period of usage before they must be replaced.

Traveling in Style –

The Razor company has over 40 years in the business and understands the wide variety of skate boards children desire in recent times.

To start, Razor’s Spark Sk8 is amongst the newbie skate boards. The Spark Sk8 with its ABEC1 50x33mm wheels includes what Razor calls a spark cartridge, helping to make a little shower of sparks once the skate board puts the brakes on, so to speak.

Girls wish to have fun as well correct? So the RazorX Sweetpea having its pink color scheme fits perfectly with the daring young women who want to have fun with the boys. Indeed, there has been an increasing curiosity about boarding amongst females in the last few years.

Skate boarders with a need for speed could decide on the RazorX Nightmare. Not only does the Razor skateboard feature a spooky, hip black and red paint job, the Nightmare makes use of ABEC 5 52×36 mm wheels with a double-kick concave deck. This board is not for the beginner, generally, considering that the various bearing and wheel dimensions and deck layout help to make the Nightmare the best option regarding stunts rather than a casual ride.